£2 million for a new build? Count me in!

Picture your possible reality: the final term of year 11 – the last stretch, the last hurdle. Your fresh start from your 5 years of secondary starts here. New teachers. New students. New courses. A whole new cloud is waiting here for you, and it’s in arm’s length. Just grab it.

Your new life starts here!
The Amethyst Sixth Form is a brand-new establishment that has undergone a £2 million development in 2019 – and it’s sitting here just waiting for you. A completely separate build away from year seven to year eleven. Just you. Just us. Freedom. Here, we offer a multitude of experiences and a myriad of opportunities all ready in time for you. We offer courses in sciences, maths, English, sociology and psychology, sport, performing arts, business – the list goes on. Everyone here is as friendly as it gets. You’d be as deranged as Robert Browning not to take it.

The support we offer is unconditional!
Here at Amethyst Sixth Form, we make sure each of our students is never alone. We have an immense amount of support for our students in any situation. There are many after school and before school sessions that you can attend and one safety ambassador per thirty students. Students will also get the chance to be a peer mentor for students in younger years. 98% of our current students said “we feel right at home here. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and teachers are like our second parents”. Sixth Form can be a scary time but remember you can talk to anyone. Anytime.
You will never be alone here.

What does the future hold?
Once you complete your time here, you can go onto study at your chosen university. We will support you to find the finest university for you. We want only the best for you. A plethora of students are welcomed to our Sixth Form each year. They want to be a part of one of the best Sixth Forms in the whole of the UK. Do you?

Amethyst: the jewel in Wolverhampton’s crown. Your future starts here. You just need to make that change. Now. Our students are our jewels. Our amethysts.

This post was created by Year 11 student Cameron Gray, we look forward to seeing you in “The Amethyst” Post 16 centre Cameron.