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“The Art Team at Aldersley High School are a passionate, creative and energetic department, determined to support, encourage and challenge students to develop knowledge and skills within art.
The art curriculum offers 3 specialist areas of photography, fine art and textiles. Our curriculum allows students to be enhanced intellectually by the history and style of the visual arts. Celebrate and respect works of art from global cultures. Create artwork that integrates emerging technologies as well as traditional techniques. Learn to analyse in a supportive and respectful manner the visual art works of others. Recognise visual arts as a continually evolving entity that incorporates many different media. Learn the skills to apply the arts to all areas of their academic, personal and professional lives. Develop a growing appreciation of the artist, works of art and development of the arts in the community.”

Aldersley’s Art Department

Our schemes of work offer students the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills as well as supporting their independence. We have extensive monitoring and assessment procedures in place to support students’ progress from KS3 right through to A Level ensuring our students succeed.

At Aldersley High, we believe that high-quality Art lessons will inspire children to think innovatively and develop creative procedural understanding. Our Art curriculum provides students with opportunities to develop their skills using a range of media and materials. Students learn the skills of drawing, painting, printing, textiles, photography and 3D work they are given the opportunity to explore and evaluate different creative ideas. Students will be introduced to a range of works and develop knowledge of the styles and vocabulary used by famous artists.

The skills they acquire can transferred to their cross-curricular topics, allowing children to use their art skills to reflect on and explore topics in greater depth; for example, by sketching historical artifacts in detail, researching geographical locations to support their work on landscape painting or using art as a medium to express emotion and thought to enhance their personal, social and emotional development. Skills can then be applied for further education and on into the world of work.

Curriculum Implementation:

KS3 students have 1 x 50/55 min lesson per week
KS4 students have 2 x 50/55 min lessons per week, and 1 intervention session
KS5 students have 6X 50/55 min lesson time per week and access to rooms during study periods.


Aldersley students have excellent enrichment opportunities. Students have opportunities to visit local art museums and national trust sites to build up their wider knowledge and appreciation of art. We have strong links with Wolverhampton museum who have funded a range of art books for students to use within school.
Our students have seen their work hung in the Viner gallery for public viewing.

Students have in the past the opportunity to work with the renowned artist Faith Bebbington, whose work featured on ITV and sculptures sit at the Olympic stadium. They worked with her producing a large scale sculpture.

In previous years’ students have taken part in a number of events and competitions, our talented students work won and was shown at the Viner Gallery as part of the ‘parallels’ exhibition. Work also featured in the Sandwell college calendar competition. Students have also had the opportunity to enter the illusive, London textile design completion as well as the Wolverhampton young photographer of the year.


Aldersley Art department has a range of enrichment opportunities to develop a wider range of skills and knowledge to inspire and develop our students. Students who already take an art course can attend extra sessions to develop their project further or undertake Art as an extra GCSE if accepted onto the course.
Students at KS3 have the opportunity to attend the art club, the focus of this club changes each half term enabling students to develop a wide range of skills such as model making, clay and photography.

Mrs E. Thomas

Mrs E. Thomas

Head of Art

Mrs Thomas is Head of Art at Aldersley High School

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