Attendance & Punctuality

We expect all students to attend school all of the time, although we understand that circumstances may result in a student’s absence at times.  We expect students to be punctual at all times.

​It is an expectation that all students achieve 96-100%% attendance.  Absence from school will have a negative impact on a child’s education.  Good punctuality is also essential to make the most of your learning.


Student Absence

Students should only be absent from the school for valid reasons such as genuine illness or appointments.  We will not accept absences for child care, parcel delivery, birthday, shopping, haircuts or translation for parents etc. School will not authorise absence where evidence is not supplied such as appointment letters, medical appointment cards and prescriptions.

​Please report all absences daily to: – Tel: 01902 556872 with updates each day.

Key Stage 3 Attendance Officer is Mrs L. Sharratt –

Key Stage 4 Attendance Officer is Miss H. Brown –


Appointments during the School Day

Medical / Dental appointments should be made outside of school time wherever possible or supported by valid appointment card / letter.  Students should be encouraged to attend before and after appointments.

Unexplained Absence:

If we do not receive a call from you regarding your child’s absence their registration mark will not be authorised until a sufficient explanation is received.



No holiday will be authorised during the school year.  Please read document under the “useful links section on this page for further information regarding Government legislation on holidays in term time.

For holidays due to exceptional circumstances please call our Attendance Officer on Tel: 01902 556872 and request a Leave of Absence Form/Holiday Form or fill out our online form Below.

Leave of Absence Form

Please take a moment to read the Wolverhampton council booklet “Are you thinking of taking your child out of school in term time?


Support for Attendance

Consequence of Poor Attendance – Under 90%

If your child has an attendance rate of under 90%, please be aware that the following action may be taken:-

  • A Fixed Penalty Fine
  • Attendance contract for parents
  • Legal action by the Authority

The attendance staff are dedicated to ensuring you and your child are fully supported with all Attendance related issues. We are here to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child is at the forefront of our focus and attention. We have a range of support that we can offer to you and your child if you need it. Please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.

​Some of the support strategies we offer in school include – Early Help Assessment, Mentor, HERO (Here Every Day, Ready On time), and the School Nurse.