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“The Dance Department at Aldersley High School are a passionate and energetic team, determined to support, encourage and challenge students to develop physical, technical and expressive skills in all styles of dance.

The dance curriculum is focused around performance, technique, versatility and appreciation. Further study at BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts- Dance is available for Post 16 students through the Amethyst Trust”

Aldersley’s Dance Department

The dance curriculum at Aldersley High school is delivered in a lively and creative manner which allows all students to thrive and develop. At Aldersley students have the opportunity to study dance in KS3, KS4 and KS5.
Students in Year 7 and 8 study 10 weeks of dance in rotation with Drama and Music. They will study the exploration of different dance styles including: Contemporary, African Gumboot Dance and Street Dance. The lessons will focus on the following skills.
• Exploration of action, space, dynamics and relationships (ASDR), through using different themes and different dance styles.
• Developing knowledge of motif development and devise own motifs showing basic adaptation techniques and choreographic skills.
• Applying knowledge of contact work through performance.
• Develop confidence in performing work in front of peers.
• Develop the ability to perform basic actions showing co-ordination and accuracy.
• Awareness of dance genres through performance.
• Appreciation of audience through use of basic performance skills.
• Be comfortable in watching a professional work and able to identify basic elements of ASDR.
• Analysing of own work through self and peer-assessment.
• Increase in range of technical vocabulary.

In KS4, year 9, 10 and 11 pupils have the opportunity to study the RSL Level 2 Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts (Dance). This qualification provides learners skills, knowledge and understanding within the dance industry. The qualification aims to offer practical structured learning with the flexibility to specialise in different pathways, ours being in dance.

Students will undertake an externally assessed core unit (201- Live Performance), which requires learners to work to a brief. In addition, they take one additional unit chosen by the teacher that will develop their performance, creative and technical skills (229 Ensemble Dance Performance). The qualification is heavily practical based and has small amounts of theory involved.
At Aldersley students also have the opportunity to take their studies further in this subject to level 3.

RSL Level 3 Diploma in Creative and Performing Arts
The RSL Level 3 Diploma extends and deepens the specialist work-related focus of the Performing Arts industry. There is potential for the qualification to prepare learners for appropriate direct employment in the vocational sector and it is suitable for those who have decided that they clearly wish to enter a particular specialist area of work. The Diploma allows students to broaden creative and independent skills through in-depth practical and theoretical studies of dance genres, interpretative and performance skills.

Students will complete a variety of internal and external assessments including both practical and theoretical units of work, such as:

  • Performance Preparation 
  • Planning for a Career in the Creative & Performing Arts  
  • Applying Safe Dance Practice  
  • Choreography  
  • Dance Technique and Performance   
  • Ensemble Dance Performance   
  • Repertory Dance Performance 


Miss S. Bird

Head of Dance

Miss Bird is Head of Dance at Aldersley High School

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