Headship Team

What is the Student Council?

The Student Council is a dedicated team of students ranging from year 7 to year 13. The Student Council represents the voice of all students at Aldersley High School as the student councillors actively reach out to their peers to hear their concerns through platforms like informal feedback settings back in their own classes and distributed feedback forms. Through their response, appropriate actions will be taken to address the issues raised. We seek to enhance student life by representing the concerns and opinions of the student body to the school. We work collaboratively with the rest of the student headship team across school to do this. Student Council will leave its members with many important leadership experiences that they would not have otherwise gained elsewhere.

When do the Student Council meet?

The Student Council meets monthly where we discuss items from the agenda that have been previously brought up by the student body. Our meetings are always held on a Thursday from 1pm till 1.40pm. The minutes from the meetings are displayed in school so all students can see what was discussed. We also aim to send out feedback forms termly so we can hear concerns from the students themselves. Council members also relay any decisions we have made back to their year group.