Mathematics and Statistics

“The Mathematics team strives to ensure that ALL pupils develop a resilient and logical mind-set. We ensure ALL pupils leave Aldersley High school with courage and a broad set of transferable problem-solving skills, which will enable them to react confidently and embrace, not only mathematical but all academic, social and professional challenges ahead.”

Aldersley’s Maths Department

The Mathematics Department at Aldersley is comprised of a committed team of inspiring individuals, from NQT’s to members of staff with years of experience. As a department, we are committed to raising the achievement and aspirations of our students. 

Out of lesson time we run a number of activities aimed at different year groups and ability sets to encourage students to deepen their understanding of mathematical skills and methods. Clubs include additional KS3 and KS4 small group intervention, and a puzzle and code breaking club. We also run activities aimed to challenge our more able and creative students including the UK Maths Challenge, and events ran by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme.

Miss McKay

Miss McKay

Head of Maths

Misss McKay is Head of Maths at Aldersley High School

What’s in store for our Key Stage 3 Students?