Mathematics and Statistics

“The Mathematics team strives to ensure that ALL pupils develop a resilient and logical mind-set. We ensure ALL pupils leave Aldersley High school with courage and a broad set of transferable problem-solving skills, which will enable them to react confidently and embrace, not only mathematical but all academic, social and professional challenges ahead.”

Aldersley’s Maths Department

The mathematics curriculum at AHS:

  • Is ambitious and aspirational for all our students, including pupils with SEND and disadvantaged pupils. The mathematics curriculum is planned and sequenced for students to learn the key knowledge and skills needed to build a strong and sustained understanding of mathematics and provide them with the problem-solving skills to tackle complex and wide-ranging problems in the future.
  • Is evidence based and research-led; our curriculum is adapted to include aspects of recent mathematical teaching research such as variation theory, interleaving of topics and retrieval of prerequisites.
  • Is rigorous with a high level of challenge The curriculum is planned and sequenced to ensure that, regardless of starting points, students are able to access the key skills and knowledge necessary to have a solid, sustained understanding.
  • Is broad and balanced, including the interleaving of the key mathematical strands (number, algebra, geometry, proportion and data and statistics) and is responsive to gaps in understanding.
  • Includes cultural capital throughout the curriculum, which promotes personal development.

Is designed to promote reading and oracy, with a designated key vocabulary section in each lesson and a focus on speaking like a mathematician

Mrs Pearce

Head of Maths

Mrs Pearce is Head of Maths at Aldersley High School

What’s in store for our Key Stage 3 Students?