Music at Aldersley High School

Music is always dynamic and engaging!


“The Music Department at Aldersley aims to give students the opportunity to improve their performance, composition, music technology and listening skills.  We also aim to give all students an opportunity to play a range of instruments and take part in group music making activities. We also incorporate this into our extra-curricular clubs and instrumental lesson.

Students will develop a range of skills such as self-confidence, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, communication, leadership, resilience, self-discipline and cultural awareness. Music offers lifelong transferable skills that pupils will be able to maintain and carry forward into adulthood and the performing arts industry or embed holistically into future careers.”

Aldersley’s Music Department

The creative and vibrant department has a hands-on approach towards teaching music to every student and all lessons are driven towards being musical at all times within an environment that will engage and motivate students.

This year the department has invested in lots of new equipment to aid the students in their practical lessons. We have a class set of djembe drums, keyboards and glockenspiels as well as new guitars, amps, three drum kits, and four electric pianos. Our department is spacious, enabling students to have their own practice space. We have:

• Three practice rooms
• A live Music room and recording studio
• An iMac computer suite equipped with industry music software

Miss S. Berry

Miss S. Berry

Head of Music

Miss Berry is Head of Music at Aldersley High School


Students get 1 hour of music a week for the whole year

Year 7

African Music – Work on vocal skills and rhythmic skills on the African drums.

Music and Mood – Use music technology and composition skills to create music for different moods and themes

Keyboard Skills – Learn how to read music notation and how to play the keyboard with two hand.

Rock n Roll – Gives you an opportunity to play different band instruments (i.e Keyboard, Ukulele Drums) and work on your group performance skills.

Year 8

Keyboard Skills – Build on the note reading and keyboard skills from Y7 to play more complex pieces.

Hip Hop – Using your music technology skills gained in Y7 you will be arranging your own HipHop music on the iMacs.

Band Skills – You will be working in groups to perform Pop songs on a range of different band instrument.

Year 9

Pop music composition – Using your music technology and composition skills you will learn how to make your own pop song on the iMacs and write your own lyrics

Band Skills – You will choose an instrument to specialise in and build on your band skills from Y8 by playing more complex songs and building on your instrument skills.


Students get 3 hours a week of music/music technology


At KS4 students will work on Performance, Composition and Listening Skills. 

Music Technology

NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Music Technology

Content area 1: Introduction to music technology and the music business

Content area 2: The digital audio workstation (DAW)

Content area 3: Musical elements, musical style and music technology

Content area 4: Sound creation

Content area 5: Multitrack recording


Students get 6 hours a week of music/music technology


RSL L3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music.

304 – Composing Music

310 – Composing Lyrics

362 – Lead Performer

349 – Planning for a career in music

385 – Improving instrumental performance

387 – Rehearsal Skills and Live Performance


Music Technology

Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sound Engineering

Year 1:
349: Planning for a Career in Music (90)

366: Sequencing and Production (90)

304: Composing Music Styles (90)

Year 2:
369: Digital Recording and Production (90)

388E: Live Sound Recording & Sound Reinforcement (180)



The Music department at Aldersley run a number of extra-curricular activities to broaden students’ music experiences and give them opportunities to perform in the community. We currently have:

  • Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Rock Band
  • Steel Pan Band
  • Open music rehearsal

At Christmas we join up with the Moreton School Choir and go carol singing in and around Wolverhampton. We also perform regularly at the Diversity Celebration at the Civic Hall with hundreds of other students from the city.  Every autumn term year 11 take part in the Rock School LTD programme, performing as part of a group at a concert at Newhampton Arts Centre.

In the Summer, Aldersley and Moreton Music departments join together in creating an Amethyst CD, loaded with tracks from talented students across the two schools.

Here is a link to 2019’s CD: Amethyst CD 2019

Every year we join with Moreton school for the Amethyst School Production. Sister Act and Mary Poppins are our most recent and this year’s production is Aladdin.

Instrumental Tuition

Students are given the opportunity to continue or begin learning an instrument of their choice. The school do not charge for instrumental tuition but to support this we do ask for a voluntary contribution.

We offer lessons on:

  • Woodwind (Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Oboe) – Miss Roberts and Miss Berry
  • Brass (Cornet, Baritone, Trombone) – Mr Reid
  • Strings (Violin) – Miss Phillips
  • Piano – Miss Phillips
  • Vocals – Miss Phillips and Miss Gayle
  • Drums, Guitar and Bass – Mr Pinfield