Coronavirus Revised Procedures

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Parent Communications | 0 comments

Dear Parents/Carers,

As the Coronavirus pandemic progresses we will be making the following changes to our procedures over the next three weeks.

Meetings and visitors

All meetings, briefings, visitors and assemblies over the next 3 weeks will be cancelled to minimise the risk of infection. The focus of the next 3 weeks until the Easter break is the smooth running of the school. This means that there will not be any taught Breakfast, Period 7, Practice makes Permanent Sessions or Saturday tuition until after the Easter break.

Parents’ evening and parental meetings over the next 3 weeks will be cancelled. Heads of Year will conduct telephone meetings, rather than face to face meetings on school premises.

All non-essential external meetings with colleagues from other agencies should be cancelled.


Detentions will only now run until 4.30pm (90 minute detentions will be split over two days)