End of Half Term Headteacher’s Update

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Dear All,

As we move towards the close of Autumn 1 I wanted to wish you all a lovely half term break with your nearest and dearest. I am once again extremely proud to report of the progress our students are making both individually as a wider collective community.

Autumn 1 has been extremely busy and it fills me with pride to observe both our Year 11 and Year 13 students who have recently completed their mock examinations and I wish our Year 10 students the best of luck who will be completing their Mock Examinations upon their return in Autumn 2.

Our varied enrichment offer has been widely attended by a large number of our students and I again ask you to encourage and support your Son or Daughter to attend the opportunities offered.  

Uniform Expectations:

As we move towards Autumn 2 we kindly remind parents, carers and students of the importance of wearing the school uniform correctly. In particular, the blazers and lanyards are mandatory components of our uniform. They not only reflect our school identity but also instill a sense of pride and responsibility in our students. Please ensure that your child arrives at school in the appropriate uniform and that their blazers and lanyards are worn as required, as a reminder the grey jumper is an additional option and should not be worn instead of the purple school blazer. To ensure our high expectations are upheld uniform checks will take place upon our students’ return in Autumn 2. We have stock of uniform that can be loaned, should you require any support please contact your Son or Daughters Head of Year.

Uniform Expectations Information

Mobile Phones and Air Pods:

We would like to reiterate our school policy that no mobile phones should be seen or heard on the school premises during school hours. It is essential that students keep their mobile phones securely stowed away during class time. This policy is in place to minimise distractions, safeguard our students and ensure that learning remains the primary focus. We kindly request your support in enforcing this policy with your child – as a reminder if a student is seen using their mobile phone or air pods they will be confiscated and placed in the school safe where they can be collected from at the end of the school day.


As always, should you wish to discuss anything relating to your Son or Daughters school life at Aldersley please do not hesitate to contact us on parentcomms@aatrust.co.uk

Can I take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support, have a lovely half term and I look forward to welcoming the school community back on Monday 6th November – 8:45.



Mr Winzor



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