January Remote Learning Update

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Dear parent/carer,

I do hope that you and your family are well and are settling into remote learning again. I fully understand the pressures that may be in your home due to your own work commitments, because you have other children and a whole host of things going on. What we learnt from the March 2020 lockdown was those students that did not consistently work with us fell behind in their learning. The latest lockdown really concerns me as some students that are already behind where they should be are still not engaging with virtual school.

If you are genuinely unable to make sure that your child attends Virtual school then you must contact their Head of Year for support in the first instance.

Year 7 Mrs Loades-Vincent Lloades-vincent@aatrust.co.uk 07525673451
Year 8 Mr Pugh Kpugh@aatrust.co.uk 07933035000
Year 9 Mr Rose mrose@aatrust.co.uk 07934730998
Year 10 Mrs Morgan mmorgan@aatrust.co.uk 07895243577
Year 11 Mrs Thomson Jthomson@aatrust.co.uk 07592600068
Sixth Form Miss Williams mwilliams@aatrust.co.uk 07525673447


Expectations from school

Our remote learning plan has been made with our pupils and their families in mind. We believe that this strategy will work best for the children at our school. All children follow their usual timetable and therefore participate in 6 lessons a day. Some lessons will be partly live or fully live whilst others may be the teacher utilising a powerpoint and speaking to students on the chat facility. Students will receive regular feedback on their work and as a staff we are currently working together to find the best ways to do this. Heads of Year will make regular contact with all students in their year to check on their well-being. Registers will be taken each lesson and the attendance team and Heads of Year will follow up on student absence.

We will provide one laptop per household to those that need to loan one and we have a limited number of dongles for those without suitable online access but you do need to let us know if you require them.


Expectations from parents and carers

Make sure that they are up and dressed ready for the start of their school day, preferably sitting in a quiet place with their laptop, pens and paper.

Ensure that your child has access to a quiet space or can utilise a set of headphones whilst they are working virtually.

Check in on your child as regularly as you can. Look to see if they are answering questions and if they are involved.

If you can listen to the lesson for a few minutes then ask your child a question about the lesson it really will help them to stay alert.

Check their use of social media. In school, it is not acceptable to be on phones or accessing social media during lesson time. We all know how distracting this can be so remind them of our school rules.

We don’t expect you to watch your child all day, and we wouldn’t expect parents/carers to get involved in remote lessons in place of our teachers. But, it would be really helpful if you can take an active role in your child’s learning by asking them about their day and what work they’ve done, distinguish between weekdays and weekends, and make it clear when the school day is over, to separate home and school life and plan breaks and exercise into the day to help keep your child active.


Please ring our attendance team if your child is unwell and unable to attend Virtual School.

Attendance Miss Sharratt lsharratt@aatrust.co.uk 07895137007


What we expect from your child

It’s important that your child engages with home learning and follows all 6 of their lessons.

  • All children must stay online for the whole lesson and not just for their attendance mark.
  • All assignments should be completed and submitted by the deadlines provided.
  • Children should use the chat facility to politely ask and answer questions.


I know that it is hard to juggle family life with the school day. There are lots of websites and resources to support you:

Chesskid.com is an excellent site to learn how to play chess.

Duolingo is an excellent site which, again, is free, where your child can practise their French or can learn a brand new language.

Websites like Smartick or IXL or Hegarty are great for maths, depending on your child’s age. You can never do enough maths.

The BBC have a whole series to help parents this lockdown. It looks excellent.

Joe Wicks does some great PE sessions online.

Oak National has many video lessons made by real teachers and being used by real schools. Just Google them!


Rest assured that all of our staff are here to support you and your child.  I cannot stress enough that we need to ensure that we do not allow children to fall behind by not engaging.

Please keep in touch with us and do let us know if you’re having any difficulties with remote learning, or if you have any questions.


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,

Ms. N. Davis

Executive Principal