Student Laptop Loans

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Dear Parent or Carer,

Thank you for your co-operation regarding the use of Microsoft Teams and borrowing a laptop from the school to continue your child’s education. Please be aware that your child signed the Amethyst Trust Student Acceptable User Agreement/Code of Conduct to use the computers within school. This code of conduct will still apply at home, so please take particular note of the following:


  • Data Protection Act: I understand that, although the school is registered with the Information Commissioner, it is my responsibility to ensure that personal or sensitive data is protected against unauthorised or unlawful access or processing.
  • Security: Whilst in my possession offsite the laptop is my responsibility and I must take necessary steps to ensure it is kept secure (e.g. not leaving it in an unsafe insecure area).
  • It is my responsibility to ensure that the anti-virus software installed on the laptop is kept up to date.
  • I will immediately report any issues to the Trusts’ Technical Support via the helpdesk on the school website.
  • If requested to do so by the Trusts’ Technical Support I will return the laptop at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Any charges incurred accessing the Internet from home are not chargeable to the school.


Once the school returns, please also note that the device you have been given needs to be returned in the condition it was given to your child in.


Thank you for your support,

 Amethyst Academies Trust

The login details for the laptops out on loan are.

Username:          .\student

Password:           Password1

The link to the IT support portal is below.

The link to the student guide to Office365 is available here

Office 365 Student Guide