UCL Beacon School Programme

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Miss Nuttall and myself have recently been successful in our application to be one of the twenty schools chosen by the University College London to run the Holocaust Beacon School programme, which will commence in September. The award is a nationally recognized and government supported award.

It is an opportunity for staff at the school to work with the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education to enhance our teaching and learning about the Holocaust. It will enable Aldersley to become a hub serving a network of local schools to improve teaching standards, raise pupil achievement and support whole school improvement. We will work with 15 members of staff throughout the year as well as including all staff into some selected development.

This is an opportunity to partner with the world’s top-rated university for education, in the UCL. It will help students become more engaged in their own learning and more independent, critical thinkers. Aldersley will be able to take advantage of the outstanding provision supplied by the UCL in developing our resources and curriculum around Holocaust education.

We are delighted to have been given this opportunity as we are committed to the view that the Holocaust is a critically important part of young people’s education and are delighted that we can use this programme as a way to further appreciate the complex challenges that the Holocaust raises as a subject.

We welcome the chance to embrace creativity and innovation into the curriculum as we begin our journey in partnership with UCL to Beacon School standard.

Mr Tolley


Link for more info https://www.holocausteducation.org.uk/holocaust-education/

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