Physical Education

“To deliver a high-quality curriculum based around the idea of ‘sport for all’ which inspires all students to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. We also aim to encourage and nurture students to get involved in exercise, sports and activities out of school and in later life, and understand and apply the long-term health benefits of physical activity.”

Alderlsey PE Department.

The PE department here at Aldersley consists of 6 sports specialists who are trained in delivering high quality physical activity lessons in a variety of different sports. Within the core PE curriculum, students cover a range of sports including Football, Netball, Rugby, Badminton, Fitness, Trampolining, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Handball, Dodgeball, Athletics, Cricket, Softball and Rounders. Each of the activities are taught in six-week lesson blocks which gives students the opportunity to access a broad curriculum which enables them to try their hand at a variety of different sports. The lessons are taught to give students time to fully immerse themselves and develop their skills and knowledge within that physical activity. At the end of each block, students are assessed using a ‘head, heart and hands’ approach which enables us to see the whole picture of a student’s progress with PE. This student centre approach allows students to not only be assessed on their physical replication of skills but also gives weight to students developing their cognitive thinking skills in the development of tactics and strategies and their effort, attitude and resilience within lessons.

Enrichment is also a large part of PE at Aldersley and we have a number of thriving clubs are offered most of the days of the week. Students are given the opportunity to receive additional, more focused coaching from our sports specialists in Football, Netball, Volleyball, Cricket, Athletics, Rounders, Table Tennis, Rugby & Basketball which are all offered at different times throughout the year. Students also have the opportunity to use our excellent fitness centre which contains a wide a range of gym and fitness equipment to cater for all. Aldersley is also very active within Wolverhampton City sports competitions with teams entering competitions in Football, Netball, Rugby, Swimming, Cricket, Dodgeball, Athletics & Rounders.

Students can also choose to study PE as part of their GCSE qualifications, in a department with a history of excellence results. The pathways available to students are either Edexcel GCSE PE or the OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies. Further study is available at post 16 with either a Level 3 BTEC Sport Diploma or Certificate.

Mr A. Lane

Mr A. Lane

Head of PE

Mr Lane is Head of PE at Aldersley High School

Aldersley Sports


GCSE PE Grades 5-9


GCSE Grades 7-9

GCSE PE Progress 8 Score


Level 2 BTEC Sport Grades Distinction* to Merit


Level 2 BTEC Sport Grades Distinction* to Pass

Level 2 BTEC Sport Progress 8 Score