Religious Education


The aim of the Religious Studies Department is to help pupils develop an informed, reflective, critical and articulate understanding of the beliefs of the different world faiths.
Students’ development of a sense of empathy, respect and awareness of the different beliefs and values within society especially in today’s multi-faith Britain is essential if they are to develop as well rounded people who are free from ignorance, fear, prejudice and discrimination.
Religious Education enables students to develop the skills that help them build their own beliefs and identity and also the skills required to live and work in a multi-faith community.
This aim is pursued through the study of Religious Studies as an academic subject for all year groups and by all pupils, concentrating on two learning objectives in all lessons: learning about (AT2) and learning from (AT1) that particular religion.
In year 7 and 8 pupils are encouraged to explore different beliefs, attitudes and values from a wide range of perspectives and the six major world religions as well as from the humanism/atheism.
In years 9 – 11 pupils study a bespoke curriculum on aspects of RE and Social Studies (RESS). There is also an options group who study the AQA Full Course GCSE.

Mrs Price-Tattershall

Mrs Price-Tattershall

Head of Religious Education

Mrs Price-Tattershall is Head of Religious Education at Aldersley High School

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