We want students to develop a knowledge and understanding of Science that they find interesting, exciting and that equips them to be fully engaged citizens in the future.



“The Science team aim to create awe and wonder in a high achieving and creative learning environment, giving all students an opportunity to succeed in Science and understand its importance in the wider world”

Aldersley’s Science Department



Physics involves the study of matter, its motion and behaviour through space and time, and studies the related entities of Force and Energy. The main goal of Physics is to understand how the universe behaves. The study of physical concepts over time has led, sometimes inadvertently, to the development of many technologies that have transformed modern-day society. At Aldersley high, in the Physics department we aim, for all students, to:

  • have a curiosity and interest in Physics
  • understand the role of experimental investigation and develop their scientific practical skills
  • be able to use specialist vocabulary
  • appreciate that universe behaviour is often best described through mathematical form
  • to build upon their preconceptions of Physics and progress their understanding


Year 7 Chemistry starts with a general introduction to basic scientific skills followed by students developing a basic understanding of key topics studied at GCSE.

Studying A Level Chemistry allows learners to master and build upon their knowledge from GCSE and thereby develop a greater understanding of the subject as a whole, and importantly how Chemistry is quite literally, everywhere. Studying A Level Chemistry will allow students to develop research, problem solving and analytical skills, and importantly gets students to ask ‘why’, rather than taking everything at face value.  The course has been designed to transport students on a voyage of curiosity, to help students to challenge ideas and concepts, and to reach outcomes through logic and step-by-step reasoning. The course also encompasses various different life skills such as teamwork and communication, such skills are essential for all walks of life, regardless of the chosen career path.

The overarching aim for the teaching of A Level Chemistry is to prepare students for life after A Levels, not just for life within the field of Chemistry. Studying Chemistry opens doors to a range of sectors and opportunities, meaning our student’s future career isn’t restricted to the lab. A Level Chemistry allows students to hone their skills in preparation for future careers, students who study A Level chemistry can go on to be Biotechnologists, Chemical engineers, Clinical scientists, Forensic scientists, Nanotechnologists and Pharmacologists, the list is endless.



Year 7 Biology starts with a general introduction to basic scientific skills followed by students developing a basic understanding of key topics studied at GCSE.

Biology is the study of life and through studying A Level Biology our learners will build on their knowledge and understanding from GCSE to develop a deeper and broader understanding and appreciation of how living organisms work and how they are related to each other. We aim to engage and trigger our student’s curiosity about natural systems and how they work and teach them how to be scientific problem solvers. Through this course they will build practical science skills that will prepare them for carrying out investigative at university in science related courses but will also enable them to plan data collection and problem solving investigations in other sectors to prepare them for a variety of future careers.

A level Biology encompasses a wide variety of topics that will capture the interest of our students and open doors to many further education opportunities and careers. Through topics that look at human systems such as the heart and circulatory system, the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system students will gain an in depth understanding of the human body that will prepare them for further education courses and careers such as Biomedical Science, Veterinary Science and Medicine. Through studying topics that look at Genetics, Inheritance and Ecology students will be prepared to study courses such Marine Biology, Zoology, Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Mrs A. Arora

Mrs A. Arora

Assistant Headteacher Science

Mrs Arora is Head of Science at Aldersley High School