Design & Technology is a truly cross curricular subject, transferring and applying skills and knowledge taught across the Sciences, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Design & Technology teaches transferable skills that enable our students to become independent, creative problem solvers who can communicate within a setting; making them rounded, employable young people.

Currently, Years 7 & 8 follow a rotation across a range of areas within the department, completing units of work in Product Design and Food. There are clear links between these areas, but also important and interesting and different at the same time.

In year 9, students may opt to study GCSE Design & Technology.

During year 9, the objective is to develop knowledge and skills of specialist manufacturing, including 3D printing, Laser cutting, Die casting as well as more traditional processes.

In year 10, students will be expected to apply their knowledge and understanding of the design process as well specialist techniques to complete a series of contextual challenges. By completing these contextual challenges, students are preparing for their Non-Examined Assessment (NEA), which is released from the exam board in June each year.  The NEA is the student’s opportunity to showcase knowledge and understanding, by addressing a context to produce a high quality prototype. This NEA is worth 100 marks (50%) of the students overall GCSE grade.


Our focus in Year 11 it to prepare students for their final GCSE exam.  We use this time to consolidate students’ knowledge and understanding of the following areas in readiness for the GCSE exam:

  • New and Emerging Technologies
  • Energy, materials, systems and devices
  • Materials and their working properties
  • Specialist technical principles
  • Designing and making principles


All projects teach skills that students can readily transfer to their lives outside the classroom. There is currently a shortage of people for jobs in the creative, manufacturing and engineering industries in this country: qualifications in Design & Technology are an excellent first step towards those opportunities.

Mr N. Edwards

Mr N. Edwards

Head of Technology

Mr Edwards is Head of Technology at Aldersley High School

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