Amethyst English Conference

English Curriculum Conference

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Find out how we secured an English Progress 8 score of +0.96 and how 65% of our cohort secured a grade 9-5.

At our English Curriculum Conference, we will be sharing various strategies that we feel have contributed to the success of our students in recent years.

Our move to a knowledge-rich curriculum has had a significant impact on how our students learn, and thus we will begin by exploring our journey with you. We will discuss how our refined teaching and learning policy complements our knowledge books in class, and how this has benefited our students. This will include watching a narrated lesson to demonstrate what these strategies might look like in practice, as well as giving you the opportunity to walk around lessons and see it for yourself.

Additionally, we will be sharing other important elements which have all made a difference to our students. We will explore how we instill a love of reading in our students, as well as how we aim to increase reading ages further. We will discuss ways in which we increase the cultural capital of our students and finally, we will share our Year 11 intervention programmes with you.

Together, we know that these factors have significantly contributed to the fantastic progress of our students, and we are excited to share them with you at our conference.

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