Year 6 Transition



Embarking on an Exciting Educational Adventure at Aldersley High School!

Hello, dear parents and guardians!

What an exciting time this is! We’re on the cusp of a new chapter, potentially starting a wonderful journey together into the enriching educational landscape at Aldersley High School. If you are given a place we will be sending you an invite to our Afternoon Tea on Thursday 21st March.

Why choose Aldersley? Because we’re more than a school – we’re a vibrant, nurturing community. Every lesson here is a mix of knowledge, creativity, personal growth, and yes, laughter and joy. We’re big believers in the power of curiosity, the importance of inspiring each student, and the value of crafting an environment where kids don’t just learn but genuinely thrive.

Should you decide to entrust your child’s education to us, here’s a little heads-up: right around the first week of March, keep an eye on your mailbox! We’ll be sending out a package brimming with all sorts of helpful information to smooth out the transition process. It’s packed with insights on what life at Aldersley is all about and how your child can start preparing for their exciting first day with us.

Here’s hoping Aldersley High School is your top choice, and we get the opportunity to welcome your family into ours. With a world of new experiences awaiting, we’re positively giddy at the thought of starting this journey with you this coming September. Fingers crossed, and we hope to be reaching out to you in March with great news and helpful pointers!

Warmest regards,

Mrs Barnshaw, Transition Lead

Transition Information Updates

Key Dates

31st October 2023 – Deadline for applications to the local authority

1st March 2024 – Date we find out which school you have been selected for

Any questions please email Mrs Barnshaw



Uniform Standards

Please follow the link below for our school uniform and PE kit expectations. These can be provided from our uniform provider, Trutex.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

Uniform Expectations 


Hello to all our rising Year 7 students!

This section of our website will be updated regularly with lots of key information for you before you join us in September.

Any questions in the meantime please email me at

Stay safe and I can’t wait to meet you soon,

Mrs Humphreys, Assistant Headteacher (Transition)

Mrs Barnshaw, Transition Co-ordinator

The School Day

If you’re wondering what the school day looks like we’ve got it mapped out for you here. “Your School Day”

Whilst you’re at Aldersley, there will be lots of
extra-curricular activities that you can take part in. These are all free and delivered by staff in their own time. You can do sports, creative clubs or  you might be invited to intervention sessions to aid in your academic progress!

Our enrichment offer will be updated for September 2023. Look out to see which breakfast or period 7 sessions you can attend.




Key Staff at Aldersley

Mr M Winzor – Headteacher

Mrs N Reynolds – Deputy Headteacher

Mr J Hearn – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K Humphreys- Assistant Headteacher- SEND, Inclusion, Transition

Mrs H Barnshaw- Transition coordinator

Mr K Pugh – ASL

Mr A McMath – Head of Year


Form Tutors for 2023/24

7A – DBL Mr Blake

7L – BRI Mr Rai

7D – SBY Miss Berry

7E – MKI Mrs Kirk

7R – JDA Miss Davies

7S – RTO Mrs Thomas

7Y – MFO Miss Forbes

7H – SWT Miss Wright