Year 6

Aldersley Tour 2020

Aldersley Key Staff


Hello to all our rising Year 7 students!

This section of our website will be updated regularly with lots of key information for you before you join us in September. To begin with please watch the video below where you will get to see a tour of our fantastic school and see me on the way around.

Any questions in the meantime please email me at

Stay safe and I can’t wait to meet you soon,

Miss Dunn

Assistant Headteacher

The School Day

If you’re wondering what the school day looks like we’ve got it mapped out for you here. “Your School Day”

Whilst you’re at Aldersley, there will be lots of
extra-curricular activities that you can take part in. These are all free and delivered by staff in their own time. You can do sports, creative clubs or  you might be invited to intervention sessions to aid in your academic progress!

Our enrichment offer will be updated for September 2021. Look out to see which breakfast or period 7 sessions you can attend.




Welcome letter

Transition Information Updates

Transition Information Update 10th June 2021

Transition Information Update 16th June 2021

Transition Information Update 25th June 2021

Uniform Standards

Please follow the link below for our school uniform and PE kit expectations. These can be provided from our uniform provider, Trutex.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

Uniform Expectations





Assistant academic lead- Miss Jeffries


Head of Year- Miss Plant


Form tutors



Miss Kauldhar


Miss Taylor


Miss Akhtar


Mr Smith


Miss Williams


Mr Sidhu


Miss Akinwole


Miss Perea



Ruby House

My name is Miss Thompson, I am a very passionate about science and love to see people learning. I enjoy crafting, cooking and many sports. I have always been an enthusiast of science and so I continued this within teaching. I was fortunate to train at Keele university where I obtained my BSc Hons in Neuroscience and Criminology. This pathway has lead me into teaching and my current position- Head of Ruby House. Ruby gems are unique and very valuable.

Becoming a Ruby gem means that you will challenge yourself to be resilient, prepare yourself to be enthusiastic about new opportunities and show respect by being supportive.

We often hold inter-house competitions, run whole school events as well as completing individual ’18 before 18’ challenges. Ruby gems shine bright, showcasing their individuality whilst relishing in friendly competition. We enjoy celebrating each other’s successes and look forward to welcoming you and extending our family.


Sapphire House

I’m Mr Patel the Head of House for Sapphire. Being a member of Sapphire House will mean that you are going to join a fantastic community of students who are courteous, supportive and competitive.

Upon joining, you will have the fantastic opportunity to become a house captain or vice-captain for your year group. There are also plenty of competitions and activities for you to get involved with throughout the year. By getting involved you can help increase our chances of winning the prestigious House Cup!

I am very excited to see our Sapphire House grow with more young, enthusiastic and aspirational students! I can’t wait to see what talents and visions you can bring to team Sapphire! I will leave you with the following quote… “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”


Emerald House

Hello wonderful new Emerald Gems!  We, Emerald House, are so excited to meet you and welcome you to our house family.

My name is Miss Nuttall and I am the Head of House for Emerald. I love experiencing new things and learning from the past, but most of all I adore seeing members of my house supporting each other in being the best they can be. Emerald gems are all adventurous, creative and robust and we love to take on a new challenge!

This year students in Emerald have completed a range of different challenges towards their ’18 before 18’ awards and many have been involved with leading the house (through our House Congress) and supporting our House Charity: Compton Care.

We like to compete to show the other houses just how brightly we shine, but we always do so in the kindest of ways. Emerald gemstones are very precious and becoming a member of Emerald House means you are part of a caring and supportive family of students at Aldersley.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and to share some fantastic opportunities with you as part of Emerald House!


Opal House

Hi there! My name is Mr Mangat and I am Head of House Opal! I am eager to know each one of you individually, but first, here is a little bit about me.

I am a competitive person, sometimes a little too competitive, basically… I like to win. I have always been very active, and I will often give anything a go! If I’m not in school teaching, you’ll either find me in the gym, on a football pitch, or looking for somewhere I can book to go scuba diving. 

I studied Petroleum engineering at  the University of Leeds, taking a real interest in the mechanics and physics aspect of the course. I completed my first 3 years at university and achieved a 1st class honors so then decided that I would complete my masters.

So you want to become an Opal gem? Well if you are; driven, competitive, motivated and worldly, welcome to the best House around. Myself and the other Heads of House often hold inter-house competitions and  offer enrichment opportunities which we often turn into competitions. We also have our 18 before 18 program which will challenge you to take part in a range of activities outside of school which you can pick up rewards for along the way.

As an Opal gem you not only join a House, but a family. We support, we celebrate, we succeed, and of course, we win. See you soon!